2007-09-05 20:12:44 by Inoni-Bird

Huh! Well, kinda forgot about this place, to be honest! xD;; How long has it been? Yeesh.

In any case, I'm back! Posting new music...and who knows? Perhaps now that I'm a Digital Arts student I'll be able to get a better grasp of the enigma that is Flash animation. >w<;;

Okay, so, just posted my newest piece (actually an older little piece o' music...most of my stuff is a couple of years old xDD), and I've realized that I can't edit or delete submissions. What the HELL??? D< Unless I'm missing something, that is ludicrous! Now I can't fix the title of "Le Theme d'Aurelie", which I wouldn't have had to do if Newgrounds was compatible with accent grave!!! Dx

...Feh. Whatever. 'Least I'm posting music. e_e