Entry #1


2007-09-05 20:12:44 by Inoni-Bird

Huh! Well, kinda forgot about this place, to be honest! xD;; How long has it been? Yeesh.

In any case, I'm back! Posting new music...and who knows? Perhaps now that I'm a Digital Arts student I'll be able to get a better grasp of the enigma that is Flash animation. >w<;;

Okay, so, just posted my newest piece (actually an older little piece o' music...most of my stuff is a couple of years old xDD), and I've realized that I can't edit or delete submissions. What the HELL??? D< Unless I'm missing something, that is ludicrous! Now I can't fix the title of "Le Theme d'Aurelie", which I wouldn't have had to do if Newgrounds was compatible with accent grave!!! Dx

...Feh. Whatever. 'Least I'm posting music. e_e


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2010-01-21 02:47:57

You have to go to My Account > Audio Portal Options > Audio Submissions.


2011-03-07 01:28:56


You're Inoni! I just noticed that!

I favorited a bunch of your songs a LONG LONG LONG while back and forgot your name, then joined Devart, found your art there and started watching you, all without remembering your username!

This coincidence is... actually pretty crazy. Wow.